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"My Beautiful Assassin"
"The Chronicles of Ari-El" 2004-2005

(beautiful assassin)


The Story Begins...

The United Interplanetary Corporation established itself as the first commercial space exploration and tourism service provider in 2028 developing a fleet of reusable spacecraft capable of hypersonic space travel.  Their success resulted in the creation of a $100 Billion entity determined to monopolize space travel and colonization of the outer planets.

UIC started as a manufacturer of humanoid robots designed for work in harsh or dangerous locations and conditions.  NASA engaged UIC, then known as Serv-Bot, Inc., to develop robots for deep space travel and planetary exploration.  Data acquired by the robots was used to develop spacecraft, suits and equipment for humans to live and work in space and on the Moon, Mars and other planets.

Serv-Bot's track record in the development of the robots, led to a contract to develop space craft, a deal they parlayed into a sole-source exclusive contract, by way of "under-the-table" deals and less than above-board lobbying with elected officials in Washington, D.C.  Serv-Bot was able to build massive, re-usable spacecraft, faster, cheaper, better and more fuel-efficient than NASA could. 

NASA's fate was sealed.  By 2019, Serv-Bot has established a small colony of humans and robots working on the Moon and was able to shuttle personnel and equipment back and forth from Earth on a 2 week schedule.  By 2024, Serv-Bot, now know as United Interplanetary Corporation, had established a space tourism business transporting anyone that could afford the $10,000 per person price tag for a 2 week stay on the Moon, and the first Mars colony.  UIC owned the space travel and space tourism business and aggressively protected its monopoly. 

Unknown to all but a handful of individuals at the highest levels, UIC was also involved in several "black projects', including human genetic engineering...a secret project funded by the DoD. Codename:HGX2050, Human Genome Experiment 2050. 

The goal was to create a clonable, self-healing, super human for the purpose of developing fearless, super-soldiers capable of fast decisions in battle and highly skilled in combat by the year 2050, a project that began in January 2002, borne out of the aftermath of 9/11.

UIC had made great strides in genetic engineering, and some extreme mistakes.  Playing God has its consequences.  But it also had its successes.  In 2029, HGX2050-ARL1 (Advanced Regenerative Lifeform) was awakened from a suspended state.  A fully grown, combat-ready 25 year-old female.  Perfection.  Pre-programmed for her assigned task...protect the interests of UIC...with EXTREME PREJUDICE.

This is the story of Ari-El a genetically engineered assassin, as told by Ari-El herself.  Follow her story as she tries to take down the people that created her, expose their diabolical Master Plan and uncover the secrets behind the DEADCULT...secrets better left untold.

"My Beautiful Assassin - The Chronicles of Ari-El"


Alexis Skye as Ari-El

The images here are from Ari-El's diary.  To follow the story, you will need to subscribe to the Newsletter to receive each new chapter as it unfolds when it becomes available.

Desert Run

Exploring The Tunnel

My Beautiful Assassin

Battle Ready

NEW August 4, 2005

Night patrol on Radion 4

NEW August 13, 2005

Alexis Skye

September 17, 2006

The Real-Life Ari-El

Updated Mar 2007

My Beautiful Assassin

Updated Mar 2007

Beautiful...and deadly

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